Girl and Monster

Project based off a Bruce Timm amazing piece. I loved doing this, as BT is one of my favorite artists, and it was a challenge trying to match his style in 3D. His work is deceptively simple!

It was fun to go back to VRay and do a cinematic piece, and it was my first time compositing in Nuke one of my projects, and I had tons of fun with that as well.

I was responsible for all aspects.

Hope you guys like it!

Girl and Monster

Joao baptista nukecomp

Comp in Nuke

Joao baptista girlartstation

Keyshot render of the girl model.

Joao baptista monsterartstation 2

Keyshot render of the monster model.

Joao baptista scene

Keyshot render of the two characters put together.

Joao baptista gnmsetup1

Maya setup

Joao baptista gnmsetup2

Maya setup

Joao baptista gnmsetup3

Maya setup

Joao baptista girlandmonster

Bruce Timm's original piece. NOT MY WORK!