Starfire WIP

Work In Progress / 17 January 2022

Update on my 80's Starfire model.

Starfire WIP

Work In Progress / 13 January 2022

Further work on Starfire

Starfire WIP

Work In Progress / 11 January 2022

I was heartbroken last month when I learned that one of my all time favorite comic book artists, the legendary George Perez, has terminal pancreatic cancer, and has but a few months left in this world.

This is a tribute to him - Starfire, from his New Teen Titans comic from the 80s, that he created with Marv Wolfman.

I started by focusing on the anatomy, and I wanted to try some stuff - I wanted to give her african/american features, because that's how I always imagined Starfire like, and also because I think that's how GP drew her by the end of his run in the comic. I also made her taller than average.

Currently I'm sculpting the hair. More on this later.

Xandra Blackwater WIP

Work In Progress / 03 January 2022

More work in progress on my Xandra Blackwater piece, a character from Frank Cho's Fight Girls comic.

Texturing is halway and currently I am working on the hair card textures. Excited to see this girl done!

This was my first time rendering an asset in Adobe Stager, still need some getting used to, but I like how easy it is to send an asset from Painter to Stager.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Xandra Blackwater

General / 27 December 2021

Current personal project WIP. Xandra Blackwater from Frank Cho's Fight Girls comic.

Happy Halloween!

General / 01 November 2021

Happy Halloween! Here is a quick sketch I made of a Nosferatu! I like how the head came out, I think I will take this further and turn this into a more finished piece!

Hope you guys have fun out there!

New project

Work In Progress / 30 August 2021

Currently taking a class with the amazing Rafael Souza, and I started making this project. It's a bit different from what I have been doing, but it feels nice to switch gears a bit.

Avatar the Last Airbender fan art - Aang

General / 07 July 2021

My wife was shocked and horrified when a few weeks ago I told I had never watched Avatar the Last Airbender animated series. To make matters worse, I told her I had only seen the notoriously terrible live action movie. So she took it upon herself to make me watch the 3 seasons of the show, and man, now I have yet another reason to be thankful for being married to her. The show is soooo good! The characters are so well written and designed, and I fell in love with the show within the first 2 or 3 episodes!

I decided to model Aang last weekend. Gonna get him ready for Unreal, and I'll see what I can do with him in engine.

Everything is polypaint, and everything is a WIP at this stage.

Hope you guys like it!

Barbarian wip 2

General / 31 May 2021

Update on my Diablo Barbarian piece. I haven't had too much time to focus on this piece, and I felt like texturing the underbody instead of working on the armor, so these updates are mostly on the face tertiary details and face and body texture. Still everything a WIP!

Feel free to give any critiques or feedback!

Barbarian wip

General / 21 May 2021

WIP of a character based off a concept of a barbarian for Blizzard's Diablo IV. Still initial blocking stages. I'll try to post more stuff as I work on him.