Sith Inquisitor

Finally finished my Sith Inquisitor! It took me a while to get this done, it was mostly done on my free time and a lot happened these last few months that prevented me from focusing on this guy.
Decided to push myself and do a more realistic sculpt. I also forced myself to learn more texturing pipelines, I used texturingXYZ maps for the face and the armor was mostly textured on Substance Designer, as I wanted to learn a pipeline that would allow me to make skins from a published sbsar file.
Had a lot of fun with this guy, hope you guys like it! :D

Joao baptista screenshot091
Joao baptista screenshot093
Joao baptista screenshot092
Joao baptista screenshot094
Joao baptista screenshot095
Joao baptista screenshot097
Joao baptista screenshot096
Joao baptista skins

The armor was about 95% textured in Substance Designer, and the rest was handpainted in Subs Painter. The parameters in SD were exposed to allow an easy creation of a wide variety of armor skins.

Joao baptista topology


Joao baptista untitled 83

Keyshot render - hirez sculpt

Joao baptista untitled 84

Keyshot render - hirez sculpt

Joao baptista uvs

UV sets

Joao baptista rigandblendshapes

Rig and blend shapes

Joao baptista inquisitormainimage

Original armor concept from Bioware for their Star Wars: the Old Republic game